It’s good that having a boyfriend makes you happy, but it shouldn’t be your only source of happiness. If you’re looking for a boyfriend because you’re going through tough times, you’re looking for the wrong reasons.

I see so many posts on tumblr where a girl lists all the things she wants her future boyfriend to do for her: I want him to write me letters, cuddle as we watch Disney movies, surprise me with flowers just because, etc. Funny thing is, that’s not how a relationship works. Don’t expect these things; that’s just unfair to the guy. Instead, you should be thinking about how you could BE a great girlfriend to the guy. Now I’m not talking about submissive 50 shades of grey status. I’m just saying, instead of fantasizing about what your boyfriend could do for you, you should really be working on yourself, see how you could make yourself adapt into this new relationship, and try to make it last through cooperation not expectations.

you know when it’s a great relationship when…

every date seems to be even better than the last. It doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, or what time of day it is. Just being with that special someone is enough to make me happy. We went to Round 1 today and had fun just playing around the arcade; afterwards we tried (and failed) to take a cute couples cue picture, but we didn’t know where to look because there were three cameras positioned all over the booth! So half of the pictures are either blank or we look completely shocked in them. Then, we headed over to Speedzone where we played a round of minigolf! It was surprisingly fun despite the fact that it was like a million degrees out. Dinner at Class 302 with green tea shaved snow and a night overlooking the city lights completed this date, and I couldn’t be happier. 

mini golfing date! total cliche but still very fun :)

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When you hear a ring and rush to your phone

and it’s not the cutie you texted an hour ago.

When somebody asks for my opinion on love:

Realistically, love is all about taking risks. I had a lot of my friends ask me questions like: Oh my gosh he’s so cute. I think we really have a connection. Should I get with this guy?

Honestly… High school relationships (99% of the time) do not work out. You might be the type to bounce from relationship to relationship and that’s fine. But you’re chipping a piece of your heart every time you commit to somebody and by the time you want to settle down in a marriage, what is left of your heart to give?

When you get into a relationship, you are taking the risk: either you get married or you end the relationship in heartache. If you know for sure you don’t want to marry that girl you’ve been eyeing for the past week who seems pretty ditzy and ready for a good time, why bother making the attempt to get into the relationship? You’re letting yourself fall into another heartbroken ending.

And mainly because I’m a senior, it is stupid to get into a relationship now with only a few months left of school. If you end up getting with a guy or girl now, chances are things will either end during the summer or things will end during your long distance relationship. Unless you guys are for sure going to the same college I would not recommend it. Once again, it’s taking that risk.

You might argue that maybe your relationship is the 1% that makes it like 7 years until marriage. Well then take that risk. You have the best judgment for that.

It’s seriously too easy to fall in love. Wait until you are absolutely ready to find that girl or guy that you might want to settle down with before you fall in love again. Once you are in, it’s hard to recover out of it if it goes wrong.