UPDATED - 29.4.14

I’ve now added a detail shot of the Hydra logo from the droid. I’ve added some more detail too, including some suckers!


Droid #252

Hail Hydra!

I went to see Captain America: The Winter Solider today, absolutely loved it and came out of the cinema with an idea for a Hydra robot. Definite World War Robot feel going on.

I’m currently colouring this on the computer so expect an update later.

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urban cage: a mobile portable speaker that charges your smartphone and tablet
all images courtesy chang chieh

get in-depth info on the design by yi-ting chen here.

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'Opened Wisdom'

My latest print to be purchased today. There are still copies of this edition of 20 available at ArtFinder for £125:

By Freddie Ardley - Follow on: tumblr Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Meow! Amara is sleepy and just wants cuddles and naps, which is bad when I got a lot of work to do.

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In this collection, you’ll find photo manipulations, as we as photo effects. These graphics are not really commercial but a lot of fun to create and share with family and friends. I hope you enjoy.

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A Nostalgic Ride Through Russia with @dobryvolshebnik

To see more photos from Georgy’s journeys in his orange car, follow @dobryvolshebnik

"People on the road always spot this orange classic car. They remember their Soviet past—some of them had this model 20 or 30 years ago," says Russian Instagrammer Georgy Chernyshev (@dobryvolshebnik), who uses the retro vehicle to travel with his girlfriend across Russia and Ukraine. The car is a 1975 Muscovite (Russian “Moskvitch”—”Mосквич”), and Georgy says its distinctiveness helps him meet interesting people in his journeys. He also feels inspired to travel more. “You can feel a special nostalgia traveling in this car which you wouldn’t get in a modern car,” he says. “I feel its soul, character and history.”

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